From YouTube to the gaming world A tale of adventure, music and a dash of humor

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The Game

Flying platforms, colorful enemies, magical weapons and baffling physics. All of that with background music that follows the hero throughout his saga. This is a short summary of what you’ll see in Songs for a Hero - the game, which pays tribute to several classics from the 8 and 16 bits era, like The Legend of Zelda and Wonder Boy in Monster Land, while at the same time making fun of the cliches from the gaming universe.

One of the project’s key features is its dynamic and funny soundtrack - written and performed by the Castro Brothers - that narrates the player’s feats and responds to his inputs, becoming a key element in the story’s progression. Expect all of that plus puzzles, special items, epic battles and everything an awesome video game needs.




Free Stuff

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Bonus track from the OST

A game-opera must have a fantastic soundtrack, right? Right! So we’ll give you a sample of it: download for free a track off of the game’s OST!

Heroic Digital Poster

An epic adventure requires epic loot. Download a digital poster of our hero and decorate your home legendary-style! The best part? It’s free!

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Pre-order Bonuses

The Complete OST

All the game’s songs in one place! Sing, dance and perform the hero’s narrative, sung and performed by Marcos and Matheus Castro.

Digital Artbook

Dive into sketches, conceptual art and behind the scenes commentary from the artists.

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Heroic Paper Toy

Your crafting skills will be put to the test! Download and print a PDF with the hero’s paper toy. Now fold, cut and glue!

World Map

A legend isn’t a legend without a fantastic world. Take a trip - figuratively speaking - through the game’s gorgeous map.


Your house is already decorated, now it’s time for your computer to shine! How about some legendary wallpapers?

Songs for the Dead Campaign

A whole extra campaign, but this time the songs are morbid. Prepare to confront ruthless hordes of undead!

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Standard Edition

Bonuses: original soundtrack, digital artbook, Nuuvem coupon, heroic papertoy, world map and wallpapers

$ 15,99

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Making of (Portuguese)

Animated Series

Songs for a Hero is an animated series created in January 2012 and that has, up until now, 4 episodes and over 4 million views. The project was conceived by Marcos Castro and Matheus Castro, the Castro Brothers, that have a YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers and more than 100 million views all together. Since 2011, the duo produces vlogs, musicals, animations, clips and sketches, always focusing on at least one of these three pillars: humor, music and pop/nerd culture.

The game was financed through a crowdfunding campaign on Catarse in September 2014, that broke several records at the time.

Up until today, Songs for a Hero: the game is the project that amassed the biggest number of backers on Catarse. 6112 in total!

The game was born through a partnership between the Castro Brothers and Dumativa studio, that has developed projects that stand out for their gameplay and quality of graphics and soundtrack, such as Dragon Festival.


1 What are the advantages of getting the game as a pre-order?

If you get the game during pre-order, besides getting it for a cheaper price than the release price, you’ll get the following bonuses: original soundtrack for download, digital artbook, a paper toy of the hero that you can print and assemble, the game map and several wallpapers.

2 After pre-ordering, where will I download the game?

You will be able to download the game to your computer through Nuuvem. Additionally, you’ll also be able to activate and download Songs for a Hero through Steam.

3 I bought the game but I can’t play it. Why?

This is a pre-order. The game is expected to be released in Q1 2016. You will receive the game's key close to the release date.

4 When will I have access to the preorder bonuses?

As soon as the game is released, that is, in Q1 2016.

5 I want to play it on Steam, what should I do?

Simple. When you buy the game, you’ll receive a Steam key, and you’ll add this code to the platform. To do that open Steam and click on the Games tab and then “Activate a game on Steam”. Follow the instructions and you’ll have your copy of Songs for Hero on Steam.

6 Will I be able to activate the DLCs I bought through Nuuvem on Steam?

Yes. Even though some DLCs aren’t sold on Steam because they’re exclusive do Nuuvem (like the Youtuber skins), this doesn’t stop you from activating them on Steam with the DLC’s Steam key.

7 When do you expect to release the DLCs?

The skins will be available on launch. The extra campaign Songs for the Dead will be released later.

8 When will the game be released?

The estimated release date is January 2016.

9 The game will be available for which platforms?

Windows, Mac and Linux.

10 How do I get the free digital poster and bonus track through Nuuvem?

Just go to Nuuvem and add the free product to the cart. If you are already have a Nuuvem account, you’ll just have to “checkout”. In case you don’t have one, you’ll have to sign up before you’re able to “checkout”. Then go to My Games to download your free goodies.

11 Will the game be available in English?

Yes, but the English version will only be available after the release of the Portuguese version. There isn’t a release date for it yet.

12 People who supported the project through Catarse will get the premium or standard edition?

People who pledged the Metamorfo tier (R$50 or more), will receive the premium edition. Whoever backed the project with a smaller amount than that, will receive the standard edition + the DLC Songs for the Dead.

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